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Tentative Competition Schedule

Updated December 19, 2021


The 2022 National Judges Cup Championships will consist of a modified capitol cup format for all levels.



The open stretch timed warm-ups, and competition is conducted in one gym in which there are two (2) sets of apparatus.


As soon as the squads in Flight 1 finish timed warm-ups on their first event and begin the competition, the four squads in Flight 2 begin their timed warm-ups on their first event.


Once Flight 1 completes the competition on the first event, the judges move to the other set of apparatus to judge Flight 2.


The two flights continue to alternate between warm-up and competition until all eight squads have completed all four events. Since the timed warm-ups are conducted on the competition apparatus immediately preceding the competition on the event, 30-second touch warm-ups are not required.

See the Patty J. Shipman Level 7 State Team Challenge information for the competition format being used for those sessions.



Special Note **

Teams with more than 17 gymnasts per level will be split into 2 or more different squads requiring a minimum of 2-3 coaches. Teams with more than 18 gymnasts per level may be split into 2 different sessions competing at different times. If teams are split, teams may determine their own split of gymnasts in either scenario and note splits on a team roster. If teams split into different sessions for the same level only one team fee is due and the team will be entered into team competition for both sessions. There will be no additional team fee for split teams.



This year we are financially supporting the local community in New Orleans